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Neurocare Centers of America

Things You Need to Know about Medication Management

Things You Need to Know about Medication Management

Medication Management – As individuals age, it is not uncommon for medical healthcare providers to prescribe complex medication to handle existing health ailments and prevent new ones from occurring. While these medications may be beneficial, the challenge of recalling which medications to take every day may be overwhelming for seniors. In addition to making medication […]

Can Stress Cause Depression?

Can Stress Cause Depression

Can Stress Cause Depression? – Stress is the body’s reaction to physical or emotional demands. Emotional stress may play a part in causing depression or be an indicator of it. A stressful circumstance can initiate feelings of depression, and these feelings can make it more challenging to cope with stress. High-stress situations, such as losing […]

Why are Some People on Antidepressants Still Depressed?

Why are Some People on Antidepressants Still Depressed

People on Antidepressants The question is why some people on antidepressants are still depressed. When diagnosed with major depressive disorder (MDD), the usual treatment protocol is to prescribe a combination of talk therapy and antidepressants. This standard approach to treating depression fails to recognize the many variants involved in depression, making MDD a complex mental […]

What does TMS do to Your Brain?

What does TMS do to Your Brain

TMS (Transcranial magnetic stimulation) is a therapy procedure that employs a magnetic field to influence brain activity. It can treat depression, OCD, anxious depression, anxiety, and other brain-related disorders. This treatment is non-invasive and may help when other treatment approaches are ineffective. Side effects are usually mild and temporary. TMS (TRANSCRANIAL MAGNETIC STIMULATION) THERAPY TMS […]

How to Support a Family Member with Depression?

How to Support a Family Member with Depression

Anyone may suffer from depression. However, it is still an illness that many people do not understand. Individuals talk about mental illness much more than they used to. Even so, a stigma is still attached to mental health, discouraging many people from being open about depression. If a friend or member of your family suffers […]

Tips for Protecting Your Mental Health

Tips for Protecting Your Mental Health

Protecting our mental health is more straightforward than you believe. We can all do it every day, and with uncomplicated activities that help us feel good, we can cope better. It is like brushing your teeth daily, which is essential to prevent problems. It is the same for our mental health; it can be fun […]

How to Leading Causes and Symptoms of Major Depression

Causes and Symptoms of Major Depression

Major depression is a mood condition that causes a continuing feeling of unhappiness and loss of interest. We also know it as depressive disorder or clinical depression, which impacts how you think, feel, and behave and may cause several emotional and physical problems. As a result, you may have trouble performing normal daily activities and […]

How to Cope with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

seasonal affective disorder symptoms and causes

Seasonal Affective Disorder Each year it happens, and every year it is a shock to the system. Then, finally, nature gives one last party, gracing each tree with a crisp blaze of glory. Eventually, after consuming the previous spiced cider, the pumpkins soften, and the long dark days of winter descend. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) […]

TMS vs Antidepressants

tms therapy illustration

Exploring various treatment alternatives for depression is sometimes essential in finding the proper treatment for you. Antidepressants and TMS therapy are two treatments you will likely encounter in your search, but which one should you try first? Are they effective? How long do both treatments last? Next, we will try answering these questions and more […]

How to Choose the Right TMS Provider for You

Choose the Right TMS Provider for You

Selecting a TMS provider is a big decision, and you must know what to look for when choosing the best TMS provider. TMS is an innovative treatment for mental health conditions such as depression and OCD. However, because it is so new, you may not know what to look for in a competent TMS or […]